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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  November 15, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EST

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stairs with the weather forecast. although not as grand as this time last week -- >> it's mild. still fog holding tough. but once that burns off, it should be a decent day. although we have some rain in the forecast later tonight and tomorrow. let's get to it. 48 degrees at reagan national. generally a mild overnight. 51 now in baltimore. 41 for you in frederick. 46 in hagerstown. and 45 in ocean city. all right, going to show you the satellite radar. what it will not show you is the fog which is still dense in spots. in fact just an update at dulles, visibility an -- an 8th of a mile. and it should be a partly sunny sunny. and notice out to kentucky and eastern tennessee, that is the next area of storminess and that will move in tonight in the form of clouds and eventually rain. here is your forecast, mix of sun and clouds. yesterday 65 and today about 60 or 61 with winds out of the
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east at 5 miles per hour. but again no rain in today's forecast. looking at the redskins weather forecast in a minute. allison, up to you. our top story this morning, prince george's county executive jack johnson is set to go to work today following his surprising arrest on friday by the fbi. now both johnson and his wife charged in a federal corruption investigation. >> we're told ma more arrests could be -- we're told more arrests could be on the way. sarah simmons is live outside of the couple's home with latest details. sarah? >> reporter: well tony and allison, federal investigations have said this is the tip of the iceberg in this investigation. in the meantime, jack johnson is under house arrest. he has an electronic monitoring bracelet that he has to wear and has to stay inside of his house but he is allowed to go outside to work. but so far this morning we've seen very little activity outside of the home other than what appears to be a contractor
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to show up to take a look at the window damaged during the fbi investigation on friday. now again the outgoing county executive has said he plans on going to work this morning. we have not seen a sign of him yet. but both johnson and his wife just elected to the county council, they were arrested by federal agents charged with felony witness and evidence tampering in an on going federal corruption investigation. the incoming county executive rushern baker has not spoken publicly about the developments but andrea harrison, who is also part of the newly effected transition team had this to say. >> here in prince george's county we do still have a government. there are over 5,000 employees here that will continue to do the people's business here in prince george's county. so life will go on. >> reporter: and the incoming county executive is expected to speak later on this afternoon
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to talk about these developments here in prince george's county. but over the weekend, through a spokesperson, rushern baker did have this to say, he was going to focus on his agenda, which was to improv education and the economy and deliver a more effective, efficient and ethical government here in prince george's county. live in mitchellville, sarah simmons, back to you, tony. >> thank you very much. joining us this morning to talk more about this case is criminal defense attorney chris lybig. and mr. johnson spends eight years as county executive and out in three weeks and then this happens. how serious are these charges? >> they are pretty serious. the charges he has carries 0-20 years but the sentence is determined more by sentencing guidelines. but here is the interesting thing. after the three-year investigation he's only presently charged with the destruction of evidence. and the hard part for him here
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is that we can be convicted of that even if he said the money wasn't tainted in the first place. but knowing that the check and cash were evidence telling his wife to destroy it, there is very few defenses to that if you believe the wire taps are accurately portrayed and so forth. >> destroying evidence, tampering with witnesses. what about his wife, leslie johnson, what can we expect to see there? >> well reading between the lines a bit, she's obviously a more minor player but yet again the wire tap itself has enough information on it if believed to convict her of both of the charges as well. i don't know to what except she's involved in the broader issue but one thing you might expect to see here is probably bribery charges and others. you can see the fbi moved quickly here because the affidavit for the arrest was signed on friday by the court
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and the information in it was from friday. so they obviously made a decision to move suddenly because they knew he had the cash and perhaps the check. >> and we're told he is planning on going to work. he's allowed to do that. what happens now? what happens moving forward as far as a time table? what can we expect? >> well at some point there is usually a negotiation period of sorts where the defense lawyers try to figure out the strength of the evidence. here it's been going on for a while so there is perhaps quite a bit of information out there. but they will try to learn the strength of the government's case and if the government's case is extremely strong it's fairly common for defendants to try to make it some sort of a deal. now what we've heard so far makes it seem like mr. johnson is not leaning that way and if that were to be the case then sometime soon, i would say in the next month, there will be an indictment and then the matter would be set for trial. >> this is far from over for
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the residents of the area, especially prince george's county. >> right. >> we've been told that authorities have said it's been going on for several years as you alluded to. how big could this thing get? do you expect to see more arrests in your prior knowledge of handling these cases? >> basically i would say to expect that. these things move in stages. and people who are arrested decide to cooperate with the fbi and that leads to a broader net of more people. now we have no idea if mr. johnson would become a cooperating witness. if he does so, he might have extensive knowledge that brings more people into it and there may have been people cooperating for years that aren't known about yet. so usually you would expect it to get broader. >> all right. we'll be following it. we appreciate your insight into these matters.
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chris leberg and speaking on the arrest of jack johnson. >> thanks for having me. the trial continues today for the man accused of murdering chandra levy. three more witnesses for the defense could take the stand. last week two charges against ingmar guandique were dropped and the prosecution rested its case. an fbi expert testified that gary condit's dna was found on her clothing. her remains were found in rock creek park. police in fairfax county are searching for the mother of a baby girl this morning. that baby was abandoned in a church parking lot. a parishioner found the baby in a duffle bag. the baby is in good condition at inova fairfax hospital and now police are trying to figure out who left her there. >> and our main priority is we need to find this mother. it's obvious the baby was not
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delivered in the hospital and she could have delivered on her own and so we're concerned for her safety and well being. >> i would say that the holy spirit told the parishioners to stop and look in the bag and they found a crying baby. >> now the newborn is expected to be hospitalized for a few more days before being placed in foster care. president barack obama back in washington, gearing up for the lame duck session of congress. he returned to andrews air force base yesterday. he spent ten days in asia visiting four countries. but he failed to seal a free trade deal with south korea. and he was also unsuccessful in pushing china to reevaluate its currency. and on capitol hill, congressman are showing up to get back to work and more than 100 new members also arrived.
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new class bigger than unusual. they are getting an orientation on how to work the inner workerrings of capitol hill. in meantime the lame duck session starts this week. topping the agenda is the tax cuts but both sides differ on cutting taxes for the wealthy. >> we can't afford to borrow another $700 billion to pay for tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires. >> we need to remind everyone we're not talking about cutting taxes and we're talking about keeping them the same. >> and lawmakers will take a one-week vacation for thanksgiving. a tennessee man is describing more of his terrorist plans in letters to a newspaper and some plans were to target places here in the district. abduhl mohammed claims he plotted several attacks after coming back from a trip to
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yemen. he planned several attacks, including rabbis in memphis and recruiting centers across the south to our area. she is the author of the widely popular waiting to exhale. terry mcmillan joins us in studio next. and we'll talk about that and talk about her latest book. also they play the bully and the student often the target of bullies on the fox hit show glee. so coming up max addler and george busman join us to talk about bullying and how they're working to put an end to this type of hate. plus they'll give us a sneak peek of what we can expect on the show this season. we'll be back in a moment. don't go anywhere. stop paying for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month for a year. and there's no term contract required. if you don't love fios, you can cancel with no early termination fee.
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well you may soon be able to e-mail your friends without leaving facebook. the social networking site is reportedly ready to unveil it's
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own e-mail service, possibly making an announcement today. the popular blog tech crunch reports users will be given e- mail addresses ending in >> it makes sense into how many of your facebook friends are not human? >> pet owners are logging on to social networking sites and pretending to be their four legged friends. some say it is cute and others say it is creepy. peter doubt tells us more about this new trend. >> reporter: when he's not sleeping or slobbering, dozer is apparently updating. his owner christie howard recently helped the dog create his own facebook page complete with photos and video. >> it's hard to be him and he lets people know. he gives advice to dogs that write in and he has friends that he has full conversations with and i really think that
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they think they are talking to a dog. >> reporter: the updates include when is it going to cool down? the seat just makes me want to sleep. i ever do. and look how easy i am making it for mom to slip me part of her dinner. and he's inspired other dogs and cats to join facebook. and that includes his friend brutus. another mastiff who is compelling other minded-like animals from across the globe. >> he gives me hints that he's not getting enough treats or a walk to the dog park. he is telling me needs a sister. >> reporter: he has made 1300 friends, far more than owners ever expected. >> he's got friends that i don't have on facebook so he's catching up with me. >> reporter: howard said as long as dozer lets her, she'll continue and maybe her parents
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will get their own profile. >> life is too short to take yourself seriously and there are too many other serious things going on and this is a great outlet for people to go and have fun. >> reporter: peter doubt, fox news. >> i'll bet more and more people are doing that. meanwhile in other news, a british couple kidnapped by somali pirates off the coast of east africa, are enjoying their first day of freedom after 388 days in captivity. they thought they would be killed in a ransom was not paid. they were captured by somali pirates on their yacht. gurvir has the story. >> reporter: a retired british couple is set free in somalia. they were held by pirates for 13 months. >> it's not a very nice thing to be doing. >> reporter: on sunday rachel
9:17 am
and paul chandler walked across the tarmac in mogadishu, smiling and thanking people. they will undergo medical checks. they were sailing on their yacht when it was commandeered. pilots had sought a $7 million ransom for the couple captured in 2009. more than $400,000 was dropped from a plane in june but it didn't result in release. so in days the community in great britain made a payment. they were promised to be freed several times. >> i'm happy to be alive. i'm happy to be here and desperate to see our country and friends. we're so happy to see everyday people. >> that was gurvir dhindsa reporting. now despite a international
9:18 am
flotilla of war craft, pilots continue to prowl the ocean. it is estimated that somalis are holding hundreds of people hostage and holding more than 20 vessels. it's a question you hope to hear one answer to but it was the wrong answer for one guy. what did he after his girlfriend turned down his marriage proposal. >> it's not good. >> no. also holly is getting a taste of thanksgiving at d.c. central kitchen. holly. >> reporter: good morning, guys. i think i might be at the busiest spot in town. we are live at d.c. central kitchen where they are not only gearing up for what te do each and every day but also getting ready for the holiday. look at these turkeys waiting to be roasted. but they serve up not only thanksgiving dinner but with a side of hope. and we'll explain that that means all live later. first here is a look at today's trivia question. virginia willson was a swedish
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soprano who once hooted -- who did she once list as a independent on her income taxes claiming he needs her? was it her husband, her brother, our dog or her boss? to take a guess head to our facebook page. keep it right here for more. we're back right after the break. ♪
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in ohio, one member of a missing family has been found alive. her accused kidnapper now in custody. on sunday authorities found 13- year-old sarah maynard bound and gagged in the basement of matthew hoffman's home. it's about 10 miles away from her family home. hoffman is charged with kidnapping her. no word on his relationship to the victim. investigators are hoping that hoffman will lead them to her mother, brother and friend all missing since last wednesday. well, a man in california got rejected after proposing to
9:23 am
his girlfriend. he's now facing attempted murd charges. he wrote the proposeal on the back of his toyota, but when she said no, he tried to run her down using the same car he used to propose. he didn't hit her, but barely missed another person. she took out a protective order on him. he is due in court later this morning. that is extremely unfortunate. >> how do you get from one thing to the next? that's crazy. >> maybe it wasn't that far apart in the first place. >> you're right. they're a part of one of the most popular shows on television. dare i say television history. >> that's big. >> we are talking to stars of the hit show glee. they're here in the district today and we'll tell you why and the message they will spread in town. >> and there are few tv shows that have had a impact on music culture. >> absolutely. and big game is tonight. you can watch the eagles and redskins on my 20. kickoff is at 8:30 and following the game, stay tuned
9:24 am
for the nissan post game show with dave feldman, lindsey murphy and doc walker tonight on my 20. it's 9:23. we'll be right back. plset/g
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we are following breaking news in the prince george's county corruption scandal. this is the case in which county executive jack johnson and his wife were arrested last friday. >> fox 5 has now confirmed that three county police officers were arrested this morning on charges related to the case. and we understand that more search warrants are being executed across the county today with more arrests perhaps on the way. fox 5 sarah simmons is live outside of johnson's home in mitchellville, maryland, with details on the latest developments. >> reporter: that is what we are hearing the fbi confirming a little while ago, that three prince george's county police officers have been arrested in
9:28 am
the same corruption investigation that ended with the arrest of jack johnson and his wife leslie johnson. search warrants are being executed around the county at this point. we don't have exact locations right now but we are looking into it right now. now here -- we are outside of the county executives home this morning. we have not seen any sign of jack johnson himself although his wife leslie left moments ago asking -- she did not respond to any questions about the investigation and she got into a vehicle and sped off. so at this point we're still following what appears to be a second wave of arrests in this case. the fbi did indicate last week this was going to be just the tip of the iceberg. so at this point, we'll continue to follow these developments today, bring you the very latest. we're also expecting at last check that he was expected to head to work this morning. again we have still not seen any sign of him but we'll bring you the latest as we get it.
9:29 am
back to you. >> things happening quickly in this case. thank you -- thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> the fog hasn't lifted much since we've been on the air today. visibility about an eighth of a mile at dulles. but this will lift and leave us with a decent afternoon. but it will be hard to do. >> we're moving and we're into november now. >> and we have a very, very important football game tonight. but the rain should hold off until the end of the game and then during the overnight hours, morning commute tomorrow will be wet. but if you are going to be tailgating this afternoon, no problem. a little sunshine with temperatures about 60 or so. and then the clouds are starting to move in. here is your redskin forecast. and again game starting at 8:30 tonight. cloudy and cool with temperatures in the 50s. not too bad. overnight lows will be only about 50 or so. so it shouldn't be too bad temperature wise but again clouds will increase with a chance of rain by the end of the game as we'll watch the
9:30 am
storm system move in from the south and west. let's get to these temperatures. not budging a whole lot with the fog out there. things have been slow to move with the temperatures. 49 at reagan national. 50 in gaithersburg. 52 now in annapolis. that has been the warm spot. leonardtown is 50. good morning to you. and 46 in frederick and 49 in hagerstown. warmer here toward winchester where it's currently 53 degrees. and not a bad looking forecast. i know it's cloudy out there but we'll see peeks of sunshine during the day. there is your satellite radar, not picking up the fog but trust me it's there. if you focus off to the north and west, you'll see the cloud cover moving into western portions of virginia and north carolina. this is the leading edge of the storminess now getting organized in the northern gulf and this will ride along a frontal boundy overnight and increase our chances for rain. again i think later tonight at around 11:00 or maybe midnight and then during the day
9:31 am
tomorrow we'll have some rain around here. and it could be a soaking inch. we could pick up half to three quarters of an inch here in washington. winds out of the east at 5 miles per hour and 61 degrees today. 50 your overnight low with winds out of the south and east at 5 miles per hour. here is your five-day forecast. and allison mentioned it will feel more like november the next couple of days. 57 tomorrow and then we cool off with another cold front on wednesday. and thursday and friday daytime highs only in the low 50s. it will be chilly. and now allison over to you and very special guests. >> you got that right, tucker. well bullying is making head lines once again and this time a group in texas is fighting back. concerned parents and students met to discuss the tackle the growing bullying problem. the message is the first line of defense is the student
9:32 am
themselves. bullying has become an issue in a rash of suicides linked to bullying. and one popular fox tv show is taking on the bullying issue. take a look. >> these chairs are a great place for hiding. >> what is your problem? >> you're talking back to me? do you want a piece? >> how about my fist. >> with that level of creativity you could become a assistant manager at a wind plant. >> i don't know what that is. but if i find out it's bad -- >> and the bully dave, played by max addler is harassing kurt and bullying goes far beyond sexuality. and we're talking about race and religion and body type. and someone else who has experienced bully,ing josh susman. and he and max join us. good morning to both of you.
9:33 am
thanks for coming in. it's hard to separate you from that clip. but i will say you're a very well-mannered nonbully. >> thank you very much. >> he's a good actor. nothing like his character. >> and thank you for coming in as a representative of one who bullies and gets bullies. but first you guys are here. welcome to the area. where are you in rt with you? >> anti-defamation league concert is tonight. and it's honoring people who were bullied and people who stood up and who were heroes and dealt with and we're here to support anyone who was discriminated against or belt with bullying. >> and mike, i ask you put your mic back hon and you're familiar with doing that. and the two of you will narrate this concert against hate and it's probably an honor to play such a role. >> it's an honor.
9:34 am
it's at the kennedy center. and we get to dress up. and they provided us suits to wear so we're looking sharp. and as the kennedy center, i think it's several thousand people and it's live and we have cut another tape. but this is all live and just to be chosen is an honor. >> it's a different animal altogether. are you all good? >> i am. >> and i was saying you are going to nair rate -- narrate the show. and congratulations on the success of the show. and do you find people identify with your roles and have you gotten feedback? >> absolutely. first of all, i have to give credit to writer and creators because we're just the voices of the scripts, so ryan murphy, brad fall chuck, they create the character and i think it was brave to stand up and really get this going at this crucial time. right now is the key point of all of this bullying going on. so to hit this on such a major
9:35 am
platform, credit to them. but, yes, i have gotten many, many messages. and all around the world. i get messages from brazil, italy, everywhere in america. and a lot of people are connecting with it. and they are just -- they are thanking me for representing a large group of people who are torn as to where they belong and where they fit in and so to bring the message of that it's okay to be yourself and you don't deserve to be bullied for who you are and just that it's okay to be you is a powerful message to spread. >> it goes from just entertainment with the show to its okay to be in the glee club and not be in the in crowd. is there a lot of pressure to be, dare i say, a role model? is it pressure for you? >> it is pressure, but it's also an honor. and this season is all about
9:36 am
tolerance and i think glee at this time is so important. and we do get the messages and we're on twitter and hear people saying thank you and it helps them and makes them comfortable to be who they are and join the glee club. and all of these kids were out cast and it shows you can be popular just owning up to who you are. and it's great to be a role model. i love it. i used to babysit and work in after school programs and to touch kids lives and to be a good role model to millions. i love it. i'm having a time of my life. >> it's an honor to have the kids feel better about themselves from watching this weekly. it's really a privilege and it's cool. >> and just as an aside, josh, we know you from wizards of waverly place and also a positive role model. so thank you for everything you're doing. now i want to talk about the show for a second.
9:37 am
the clip that we saw, there is another clip i believe and the clip that we saw earlier ends differently than one might expect. >> it sure does. >> with you being the bully. i don't know if we'll show anything again. but we know how it started. you can give us a sneak peek into any -- watch this bullying right here. that one is especially brutal. then there is a confrontation later and i won't say everything that happens. you haven't watched yet. but you can give us a hint into any story lines? will we see more of you? >> you will see more of me. i am in the next few episodes. i am in the one tomorrow night and then the next one next week is important. and it is important to show this character at this time because with all of the messages i'm getting, not only is the spotlight on bullies, but now there is homosexual bullies and it comes out of a place of insecurity and not
9:38 am
being sure of who you are. it puts a face on why bullying is happening. and it's amazing. and then ryan murphy, we were talking and he said to the new york times even, not every bully is doing it, from the simple fact that they are gay themselves. there are just bullies that are prejudice or ignorant. so you'll see that later in the season too. but i think to shine the light on that kind of a bully is pretty brave. >> it's powerful. >> thank you, yes. i ado agree. and it was a fun scene. and i was just as shocked when i got the script. >> and you're like and then what happened in. >> and i was like, what? it was wild. >> max addler thank you so much, and josh susman. congratulations on your participation tonight. all of the information is on the website at continued success on the show to both of you. >> nice to meet you.
9:39 am
>> you as well. >> nice guys. thank you, allison. best-selling author terry mcmillan is here and she's here for a great cause this evening. we'll talk to her about that live. and we've had an actor become president and now the rumor has it the door is swinging the other way for president clinton. the movie he's said to make a comeyo appearance in. that is next. it is not what you would think. we'll be right back. [ older brother ] hey, that's the last crescent.
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that my family can't wait to get their hands on them. enjoy cinnabon cinnamon... now in all pillsbury cinnamon rolls. listen to this. former president bill clinton has gone from politics to the big screen. clinton just filmed a part in the upcoming sequel to the hangover. it's currently being shot in thailand. according to, he took time out to talk about clean energy to film his cameo. the sequel to the comedy will hit theaters next may. interesting. >> it is interesting. well it was a failed
9:43 am
attempt for japanese speed eater to break the record for eating a 12-inch cheese pizza. he needed to beat 1:45. he finished the dish in 2:03. how shameful. and he said using a fork and knife held him down. it is currently hold by josh anderson of new zealand for the record. d.c. central kitchen is crucial for many in the area but it is not just the food they serve that is making a difference in people's lives. holly is up next with the details. we'll be right back.
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9:46 am
we want to show you new video just into the news room. that is leslie johnson, wife of prince george's county executive jack johnson leaving her home today. this is the first time we've seen her since she and her
9:47 am
husband were arrested friday in a corruption sting. we understand jack johnson is expected to leave his home this morning to go to work this morning in upper marlboro. and the the prince george's county police officers were arrested this morning charged in the ongoing probe. make sure to stay with fox 5 and for the latest on the still-developing story. tony, over to you with better news. she is a power house author who shot to the top of the best seller list with the blockbuster waiting to exhale. the hurston write foundation hosts the awards and we are joined now to talk about this mission. hello. >> hello. >> do you like coming to washington? >> this is a beautiful city. i'm working on those earmarks
9:48 am
myself. that's what i came to do. >> we'll get into that. well we know tonight is a big deal with the foundation, the hurst right foundation. the group has been around for 20 years. this is the 9th annual awarded ceremony and tell us about it and what brings you here for that. >> as you probably know. there are a lot of major or national awards that often african-american writers are ignored. and so the hurston wright foundation was formed to acknowledge and pay tribute to writers who deserve attention and to be honored for their work. and it's true for poetry, nonfiction, and fiction, and i think children's literature. but in this year there are 16 writers nominated and these are well deserved. >> these are judged and then
9:49 am
the awards made to the writers tonight. and this is something in your career you were encouraged by established writers, in particular jane ann phillips. was that important to you and instrumental in getting you started and giving you the confidence you needed when you first started out? >> yes. yes. i also belong to the harlem writers guilt in new york. and writers need validation. and i got a lot of that in new york from members of the harlem writers guild. and jane ann phillips told me, as well as well as ishmael reed, told me not to lose my voice. and then i found out what they meant. but, yes, i do think that that
9:50 am
we do need support and validation. i'm just glad they are still here. so many african-american book stores are gone. so many philanthropic organizations trying to do wonderful things in our community are gone. >> that's one of the interesting things to me. because with your success, the success of tony morrison many years ago, you really opened the eyes to publishers that there is an audience out there for that type of literature. but is it still difficult for young writers starting out -- starting out in this field, for young african-american writers? >> yes, it is difficult. and in lieu of the economy, e books, there are a lot of things that publishers don't take into account when it comes -- it's a lot more difficult
9:51 am
now for young writers to be accepted, to be read, to be respected. but i think there are a lot of writers that anticipate becoming a best seller. so the yard stick that they set for themselves is very, very high. and its unfortunate because most writers can't make a living from it. i wasn't able to until my third book and even that was a shock to me. i never expected to make a living as a writer. but the publishing industry, in except banks, are going through problems. >> i think you are hear for earmarks. i want to ask you about the latest book, getting to happy. from what i've read, and correct me if i'm wrong, you originally did not think you would write a sequel to waiting to exhale. >> no. i had no intention of doing so. >> and was it events in your
9:52 am
life that prompted you to revisit this group? >> yes and no. my experience is not in this book, but what i what i came to experience in terms of being deceived and betrayed and disappointed and also from what i observed women around me, being lonely, suffering from the empty nest syndrome, having to reinvent and start a life over, that made me want to address the story. but i knew that i had already told the story once with four women and so i was like, oh, my goodness, so i decided rather than write a new book with four must characters, to go back and revisit them because they were all able -- they were good candidates. >> the book is out there now.
9:53 am
getting to happy. it came out in september. the awards are tonight. it's the hurston wright legacy award. the program which terry is hosting is at 6:30. there are tim ets available and tax deductible. they are $100 or $175 a couple. it's good for writers to get together and talk to each other. >> well i'm going to read tomorrow night at busboys and poets. that's free. >> very good. that's good to know. >> i did not know that. we are very happy you are here. thank you for coming by. if you stop by capitol hill let us know how that goes. terry mcmillan. >> thank you. >> why didn't i bring my copy of waiting to exhale to be signed. all right, thank you. this thanksgiving season you pay be looking for a way to give back and holly morris is at the d.c. central kitchen to learn about the program and how to help this great organization. holly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is a wonderful organization and they are always looking for help.
9:54 am
you can come and volunteer your time and work a day in the kitchen and always donate money. they use that to help get the foods they need. all of the food is leftovers but then they have the services they provide that goes out to some 100 agencies and you really help fight hunger when you support d.c. central kitchen. and you are supporting more than that. because you have that program going on and then also a full pledged catering business run out of this building. and mary ann shows me how fresh start catering is making a difference. >> it is an employment stream for our students. the gradates of our program are able to be hired into fresh start and it serves the community and serves as a general caterer. but they do work in d.c. public schools so we're into the community on multiple levels. >> reporter: and so the kids in the schools can see a
9:55 am
difference that it's making and in people's lives and you do -- this is like real deal catering, from luncheons to weddings to a couple of thousand people events. >> right. >> reporter: and how do you go about doing all of this? >> i think being able to hire gradates and like milla and jeffrey, and they leave our program with the skills to be able to do multiple events. and not only to do multiple events but to do them effectively and efficiently and to get them in the program. >> and you mentioned jamila. and she's a graduate. i don't want to interrupt you because i know you're busy. tell me where your life was before this and now? >> before this i was having my own business and me and a couple of friends were a little -- we had a little downfall and
9:56 am
now we're trying to get back to where we were before, starting my own business and looking into catering and things like that. >> reporter: and this kind of program, has it given you a bit of hope, a bit of purpose? >> yes, it has. it gave me a different insight on helping different people, so yes, it does. >> reporter: and when you guys are kind of sitting around here working on the next project and chatting, what do you talk about? >> food. >> reporter: food. >> the next job. >> reporter: the next job. and the fact there could be a next job because it's always easier to get a job when you have a job, right? >> right. >> reporter: and that's what fresh start is all about. i would say you are making me very emotional but i think its onions over there that are making me cry. thank you and good luck in all you do. is our website. we have a link to d.c. central kitchen. they can always use your services. we saw ayrshire farms donate 5,000 pounds of turkeys today and we have a link to them.
9:57 am
we'll have more fox 5 morning news when we come back. stay with us. [ female announcer ] this is a strawberry pop tart...
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